Instructor Profiles and Schools

The instructors shown on this page run their own Taekwon-Do clubs in London, Hertfordshire and Stoke Poges. All our instructors are fully qualified, insured and DBS checked.

Taekwondo instructor: Master N Symonds

Master Symonds has practiced Taekwon-Do since 1989 and gained 1st degree in 1993 under the instruction of Master Nardizzi. He was then selected by Master John Taylor to represent Great Britain at the 1995 European Championships and since then he has gone on to attend 13 European Championships, 2 European Cups and 2 World Championships. Master Symonds has won numerous National championships and over 20 World, European and International medals while representing and Captaining the ITF National Team from 1995 to 2010 under Master Gary Miller, Master Andrew Whitley and Master Thomas Denis.

Schools: Southgate Taekwon-Do School and Croxley Taekwon-Do School

The highlights of his competition career are:

  • 1995 European 1st degree Patterns bronze medalist (Germany)
  • 1996 European Cup Team Champions (Poland)
  • 1998 European 2nd degree Patterns bronze medalist (Greece)
  • 2000 European Team Sparring Silver medalist (Scotland)
  • 2000 European Team Power silver medalist (Scotland)
  • 2001 European Champion 3rd degree Patterns (Spain)
  • 2004 European Team Patterns Silver medalist (Finland)
  • 2005 European Team Patterns Champions (Italy)
  • 2005 European 4th degree Patterns bronze medalist (Italy)
  • 2005 World Team Power Champions (Germany)
  • 2008 European Team Power Silver medalist (Poland)
  • 2009 European Team Power Champions (Spain)

Master Symonds has been a director of ITF England since 2006 spending 4 years as technical director and currently in his third term as Tournament Director.


  • Telephone Number: 07973 839071
  • Email:

Taekwondo instructor: Mr S Chapman

He began studying Taekwon-Do at University in Southampton in 1999. Since then he trained for 4 years under the instruction of Master Sangha in Tooting, gaining 1st Degree Black Belt. He gained his 2nd degree under the guidance of Master Symonds in 2008. He now trains with Master Symonds in Southgate and has won many medals in competitions. His passion for Taekwon-Do drove him to begin teaching in Kentish Town in May 2008.

Schools: Kentish Town Taekwon-Do School

His students have performed excellently at gradings and won medals in competition. For him, Taekwon-Do is a brilliant way to defend yourself, improve fitness, build confidence, increase flexibility, develop strength and have fun.

Taekwondo instructor: Dr A Shah BSc, PhD

Mr Shah started training in Taekwon-Do in 1995 and after several years of absence returned to train with Master Symonds in 2000 and gained his black belt in 2002. He gained his 2nd in 2005 and 3rd Dan in 2008. He has been teaching Taekwon-Do to all ages for four years.

Schools: Oakwood Taekwon-Do School

Taekwondo instructor: Mr S Sampath

Mr Sampath trained with Master Symonds and gained his black belt in 2004. Teaching sport is his passion and throughout his teaching career has gained many qualifications including first aid, child protection awareness and Taekwon-Do Umpire courses.

Phone number: 07973876854


Schools: Hadley Wood Taekwon-Do School

Taekwondo instructor: Miss H Chhokar

Miss Harpreet K. Chhokar commenced her Taekwon-Do training at the age of 10 in Hillingdon, Middlesex under the instruction of World and European Champion, Ms Tham Ying Au who has now advanced to 8th Degree. It was under the instruction of Ms Au that Harpreet attained her 1st Degree.

Schools: Stoke Poges Taekwon-do School

Throughout her Taekwon-Do career, Harpreet has regularly competed at national and international level, both as a colour belt and as a black belt.

In 2005, Harpreet took five years out of training to focus on her studies. During this time, she successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Law, a Master’s degree in International Commercial Law and was called to the Bar of England and Wales.

Having finished her studies, Harpreet was eager to return to training. Unfortunately for Harpreet, by this time Ms Au had retired from teaching.

In 2010, Harpreet decided to continue her training under Master Symonds, 6th Degree and graded for her 2nd Degree under Master Nardizzi, 8th Degree in 2011.

With the support and encouragement of My Symonds, Harpreet completed the International Instructors Course and participated in the ITF World Cup. She also opened a Taekwon-Do School in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire in 2012.

Harpreet attained her 3rd Degree in April 2013.

Harpreet currently works as a Solicitor and runs TOTAL TKD's Stoke Poges School.

Taekwondo instructor: Miss C Kelly

Miss Chanelle Kelly commenced her Taekwon-Do training at the age of 12 in Croxley Green under the instruction of Master Symonds (6th Degree) and has done so up until now at the age of 23.

Schools: Chorleywood Taekwon-do School

Throughout her Taekwon-Do career, Chanelle regularly competed nationally as a colour belt obtaining many gold, silver and bronze medals.

Chanelle completed the International Instructors Course in Belgium.

Chanelle currently works as a pre-school manager having achieved a national diploma in childcare nad has attended many childcare courses including behaviour management, child protection, first aid and has a full DBS check.

Chanelle has opened a Taekwon-Do school in Chorleywood which has classes aimed at 3-6, and 7-10 year olds. The programme will enhance positive development and help your child to develop life long skills that will help them in all areas of life.

For more information please email:

Taekwondo instructor: Mrs C Smith

Mrs Chantelle Smith commenced her Taekwon-Do training at the age of 16 in Southgate under the instruction of Master Symonds (6th degree).

Schools: Brookmans Park school

Following a three year break to complete a Bsc Psychology degree, Chantelle returned to Taekwon-Do in 2002 and obtained her 1st degree in 2005.

Throughout her Taekwon-Do career, Chantelle has competed at national and international level, both as a colour belt and a black belt. Chantelle competed in the 2005 European and World Championships, winning a silver medal in Female Team Patterns.

Chantelle has recently opened a Taekwon-Do school at Brookmans Park School.

Taekwondo instructor: Miss C Wilson

Miss Carly Wilson has practiced Taekwon-Do since 2001 and gained her 1st degree in 2005 under the instruction of Master Symonds.

Schools: Assistant at Southgate

She was selected to represent England at the European Championships in 2006 and has gone on to win the following medals:

  • 2007 European Bronze medalist - Junior 2nd degree Patterns (Slovakia)
  • 2007 European Gold medalist - Junior Team Power (Slovakia)
  • 2007 European Bronze medalist - Junior Team Sparring (Slovakia)
  • 2007 World Gold medalist - Junior Team Power (Canada)
  • 2007 World Silver medalist - Junior Team Sparring (Canada)
  • 2008 European Bronze medalist - Senior Female 2nd degree Patterns (Poland)
  • 2015 European Bronze medalist - Senior Female Team Pattern (captain) (Scotland)
  • 2016 European Bronze medalist - Individual Female 4th-6th Degree Patterns

Carly continues to train under Master Symonds in Southgate and uses her experience to coach students at national competitions.

Taekwondo instructor: Mr P Carter

Mr. Carter started his TKD training in 2004 with the TAGB branch of Taekwondo, and competed internationally, achieving multiple gold medals in the British Championships and a Gold medal in the European Championships, before switching to ITF, to train under Master Symonds, where he earned his black belt in 2009 and is currently working towards his 2nd Dan.

Schools: Abel Smith School, Homerswood School

Aside from practising and teaching Taekwondo, Mr. Carter works in the fitness industry, and has done so for 12 years. He trains a number of GB age group triathletes, and works with several local clubs. He also has a diploma in personal training (Dip PT) , is a level 2 triathlon coach, as well as a Schwinn Cycling Coach certification .

Taekwondo instructor: Mr C Hourican

Mr Hourican started Tae-kwon-do at the age of 22 years under Mr Tony Manning then a 5th degree Instructor. Due to work commitments Mr Hourican unfortunately was unable to train for a few years, until he began training again in 2004 with Mr Nick Symonds then a 5th degree Instructor (now Master).

As a competitor Mr Hourican has entered several National, regional and inter-club tournaments over the years winning numerous medals along the way. Mr Hourican has also had a hand in coaching some of our hopeful competitors, with a great deal of success.

As an Instructor Mr Hourican is constantly trying to further his own education in Tae-kwon do, through attending IICs (International Instructor Courses) with ITF technical committee as well as other leading GM’s and Masters.

Mr Hourican is also a Class B umpire and keen competition referee.

Schools: Chorleywood and Rickmansworth Taekwon-Do School